Genre: Neo Funk


There’s funk and there’s funk but just when you thought you’d heard all kinds of funk, up pop The Funkinsteins and their personalised and highly addictive brand of funk opens your ears to the freshest and funkiest of funk you’re ever likely to hear.

Concerts, Festivals, pubs, private events.

Unplugged – Concerts, Festivals, pubs, private events, restaurants, arts centres.




Take three musicians with three different musical backgrounds and you end up with jazz funk and rock.

This three-piece Bristol outfit take these three genres of music to a new level; performing fully electrified and you have raw power and energy, performing acoustically and their sound becomes something quite magical. In short there is nothing musically that quite matches them.

Blending funky dance music with smidgens of rock and jazz, amplified or acoustically, the band delivers what can only be described as a breathtaking and captivating product guaranteed to entertain audiences. The music is tight and melodic and will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand firmly to attention and leave audiences wanting more!

Demand for them is high and the band is currently busy working and continue to excite audiences with their stage show which comes in two formats – fully electrified providing plenty of groove and drive or their ‘unplugged’ set which is more laid back but works exceptionally well, so much so that they have, in February 2018, launched their unplugged ten track CD ‘Music is Our Medicine’ at Bristol’s iconic Colston Hall.

“From the opening notes of Get Up and Dance, the Funkinsteins had the Fleece audience by the throat, and they shook them around and wrung them out.” The Fleece Bristol


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