Genre: Singer Songwriter /Producer/ Covers
Description: Solo Singer/ Guitarist
Availability: Festivals, Restaurants, Hotels, Clubs, Pubs, Weddings 
JanE.B is an indie pop/folk musician from France and now living in Bristol. She started singing at a very young age and has always been passionate about music. She writes the lyrics and the melodies to her own songs and in addition performs covers from  various artists.

Born in 1996, she learnt to play piano and guitar and was first inspired by Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne, her influences now cover a wide range of music styles.

In 2011, JanE.B began to record videos of herself interpreting songs from her favourite artists, and some original songs as well, to post them online, and during the summer of that she played her first solo show. In 2014, she worked in collaboration with a progressive rock band called ‘EOTW’ and wrote the lyrics and the melodies for the “Good Rain” album. Later that same year she performed at the first edition of the Cithem Festival in Alençon, France, followin this she joined the alternative metal band ‘Against Weaknesses’, based in Rennes. Together they recorded an EP with lyrics and melodies written by JanE.B, and then performed a few shows. At the same time JanE.B was working on her own music and Youtube covers. In 2018 JanE.B moved to Bristol to pursue her music career. After performing at open mics she is now gigging and is recording her own material the first of which was her single ‘Waves’.

JanE.B released her second single ‘Memory’ in October 2019 to be followed by a four track EP  ‘Images’ at the end of January 2020.