Genre: Neo Funk


There’s funk and there’s funk but just when you thought you’d heard all kinds of funk, up pop The Funkinsteins and their personalised and highly addictive brand of funk opens your ears to the freshest and funkiest of funk you’re ever likely to hear.

Concerts, Festivals, pubs




Funkinsteins are a neo funk/rock band based in Bristol. They are not your average musicians, their craft goes much deeper than that turning the genre of funk rock upside down and in doing so gives them their own unique uncompromising sound.

This trio has crafted a truly original master sound, with amazing vocals and breathtaking guitar from Sal Wyatt and phat slap bass from Alex Gabb, the drums come courtesy of the mighty Jon Carter, all together they give a truly dynamic performance .

Blending funky dance music with sprinkles of rock. The band delivers what can only be described as a breathtaking and captivating product guaranteed to entertain audiences. The music is tight and melodic and will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand firmly to attention and leave audiences wanting more!

Demand for them is high and the band is currently busy working and continue to excite audiences with their stage show which comes in two formats – fully electrified providing plenty of groove and drive or their ‘unplugged’ set which works exceptionally well, so much so that they are going into the studio in early 2017 to record an unplugged album.

To book The Funkinsteins please contact or tel:07971 966982