black-and-white-posterGenre:  Smooth jazz and swing with hints of blues and folk.

Description: 3 – 5 piece

Availability:  Cabaret, Clubs, Parties, Weddings, Corporate Functions, Cabaret, Concerts, Festivals.


“Ruby Two Shoes” are Tara Baggott, Ella Polczyk-Przybyla and Ryan Walker, they are an acoustic 3-5 piece band bringing audiences smooth jazz and swinging tunes with splashes of blues and folk thrown in the mix. Tara Baggott, Ella Polczyk-Przybyla and Ryan Walker have collaborated and collected a number of chilled and cheeky tunes to entertain all types of audiences.  We also have the option of adding bass and/or drums depending on what sort of mood and sound an event requires. The band like to mix things up a bit with a wide variety of different styles to suit just about any taste in music! So if you are looking for fun then Ruby Two Shoes is your act.


Ruby Two Shoes


For more information and booking contact or telephone 07971 966982