Jelli Records Music Show 28th December 2015
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Stewart Mac & The Rising – Radio

You, Me And Him – Hold Me Tender

Blind River Scare – The Point Of No Return

Sam Cooper – Ricky The Cricket

Rozaya Hopkins – Checking On You

The Bronze Medal – Tunnel

Lewis Creaven – Here Today *performed live*

Lewis Creaven – Once In a While – *performed live*

Peter Gabriel – Across The River

The Alligators – Hats Off To larry

Keith Hyett – Reflections

2nd Hour

Hugh Masekela – Makoti

Lewis Creaven – Free Love *performed live*

lewis Creaven – Pay With The Blues *performed live*

Ben Jordan – Jump In The River

lewis Creaven – May Your Life be Long – *performed live*

Emi McDade – Faith

The Cadbury Sisters – Sarah

Joker – Electric Sea

Heather Peace – The Thin Line

The Clash – London Calling

B.E Cooling – Nobody Knows

Nosy Parker – Black Widow Spider

Lionface – Vampire

Keith Hyett –


Jelli Records Music Show 21st December 2015
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Bob Dylan – Black Diamond Bay

Clayton Denwood – To Whom It May Concern

Meadwlark – Fly

Ben Jordan – Drank All The Wine

Susie Dodson & Joe Futak – Facing West *performed live*

Susie Dobson & Joe Futak – How Long Will I want You *performed live*

Femi Kuti – Stop Aids

Susie Dobson & Joe Futak – House On The Hill *performed live*

Susie Dobson & Joe Futak – Under The Stars *performed live*

Barry Walsh – Gypsy Woman

Hotwells Howlers – Christmas Song

The Wurzels – Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

Massive Attack – Safe From Harm

2nd Hour

Moloko – Sing It Back (Boris Musical Mix)

Jacanda – Ashes

Amber Grace – Like a Child

The Alligators – I’m Ready

Emi McDade – Illusions

Tapestry Voices – Sing We And Chant It

Lionface – Vampire

Bellowhead – New York Girls

Said The Maiden – Silver Dagger

Martin Morris – The Best Christmas

Paul Butler – Christmas Song

Dave Wright – Who’s Kissing My Baby At Christmas

The London Theatre Orchestra – ET. The Extra Terrestrial


BSR Folk Show 21/12/15


Beth Porter – You Don’t Get it

Bellowhead – Yarmouth Town

The Ian Campbell Folk Group – The Times They Are A-Changin’

Stackridge – Seek And You Will Find

Steeleye Span – Gaudette

Ethemia – This Christmas Time

Rose Goodfellow – 500 Miles *performed live*

Rose Goodfellow – Indigo *performed live*

Belshazzar’s Feast – One Cold Morning In December

Rose Goodfellow –  Morning Town Ride *performed live*

Rose Goodfellow – (unnamed song) *performed live*

Maddy Prior & The Carnival Band – There Was A Boy

Show Of Hands – Wesseax Medley

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Jelli Records Music Show 14th December 2015
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Funkinsteins – Sleeze

Wildfire – Laws

Leonie Evans & Ben Sayer – Me & My Chauffer

Sophie Hoskin-Taylor – Can You ?

Blind River Scare – No Remorse, Guilt Or Shame

Phoenix River Band – 2am

Ken Lintern – I Wanna be With You On Christmas Day

The Angry Badgers – Jason Lane

Rose Goodfellow – Mon Amant De Saint Jean

Rose Goodfellow – Let It Be

Circe’s Diner – Caravan Song

Rose Goodfellow – A Song To Leonard

Naomi Rush – The Darkest Hour

Phil Bowbeer – Rainstorm

2nd Hour

RSVP – Patola

Circe’s Diner – Fire Fire

Jungle – The Heat

White City Shakers – There Goes My Baby

Jemima Surrender – Hammer & Peg

Heather Peace – In My Arms

Rae Morris – Closer

Bronze Medal – Room & Wine

Gospel Generation Community Choir – Wade In The Water

Rozelle – Inhale

Gareth Lee & Annie Baylis – House By The Sea

Arketta – Find You

Dave Betts Quartet – To And Fro


BSR Folk Show 14/12/15


Belshazzar’s Feast – Tomorrow Shall Be My dancing Day

Johnny Coppin And Mike Silver – Wrong Side Of Midnight

Fairpost Convention – Genesis Hall

Maddy Prior & The Carnival Band – The Changing Face Of Christmas

Carmina – December Song

Stackridge – North St. Grande

One Star Awake – Christmas At Sea

The Humblebums – Her Father Didn’t Like Me Anyway

The Albion Band – The Grand Circle Dance

Josh White – Strange Fruit

The Unthanks – The Testimony Of Patience Kershaw

Josh White – No Regrets

Andy Cutting – Potato/Theatre

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Jelli Records Music Show 7th December 2015
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The Phoenix River Band – Dancing In The Dark

Matt Creek – Islands

Emily Browne – Boom

Gospel Generation Community Choir – I Need You

Son Of Dave – We Goin Out

Circle Lens – Starry Eyes

Sumie – Sailor Friends

Nicky Swann – Little Bird

Jemima Surrender – No Applause *performed live*

Jemima Surrender – Something Awful *performed live*

Tobias Ben Jacob & Luka’s Drinkwater – Running Low

Jemima Surrender – Poor Copy *performed live*

No Parkin Blues Band – I Just Wanna Make Love To you

Tim Burroughs – Skymata

2nd Hour

Jemima Surrender – Deltasaurus *performed live*

Alela Diane – Suzanne

Caddick And Parkes – Feeling Good

Ken Lintern – Like A Childs Face At Christmas

Hattie Briggs – Turn On The Lights

Now We Know – The Terror

Lauren Castle – The Girl I Used To Be

Appalachia – lazy Evening

Jonathan Asprey – Turning Away

The Changing Room – Behind The Lace

Jodie Stadden – Just My Luck

Sutura – To Music

John Williams – Cavatina



BSR Folk Show December 7 2015 by Bsr Listen Again on Mixcloud


Neil McSweeney, M G Boulter & Lucy Farrell – Back From The Mountain

Lynched – Had a Knife

Bert Jansch – Needle of Death

Leadbelly – Black Snake Moan

Lucy ward – Julia

North Country Fair – Shooting Star

Tir – Na – Nog – Two White Horses

The Unthanks – Because He Was a Bonny Lad

Heidi Talbot – My Sister The Moon –

Rod Stewart – Dirty Old Town

The Phil Beer Band – Domination Of The Sword

Sally Oldfield – Mirrors

Fisherman’s Friends – South Australia

Bellowhead – Cross-Eyed And Chinless


Jelli Records Music Show 30th November 2015
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Sophie Hosken – Taylor – Moon

Backbone Blues Band – Loving Rings My Bell

Ed Lofstedt – Harbour *performed live*

Ed Lofstedt – Little Scandel – *performed live*

Clutching At Stars – Bamboo Bridge

Ed Lofstedt – Icarus Lives *performed live*

Ed Lofstedt – Necromance *performed live*

James Lambeth – Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered

Twizzy – Home Ground

The Honeyfire – Not Anything

Cosmic Trippers – Fortitude

2nd Hour

The Honeyfire – Come Undone

Transition – So Far Away

Lynched – Daffodil Mulligan

Cauda Pavonis – Warriors

Bob Dylan – Everything Is Broken

Caddick And Parkes – Feeling Good

Ria Tmlin – Dance With Me *performed live*

Ria Timkin  – Trouble *performed live*

Mestizo – Jenny Don’t Open The Box

Ria Timkin – Run *performed live*

Ria Timkin – Poor Girl *performed live*

lund Quartet – Sequoia


BSR Folk Show with Steve Parkhouse – 30th November 2015 by Bsr Listen Again on Mixcloud


Bryony McGinty – Vandy Vandy

Brass Monkey – Waterman’s Hornpipe

Bob Martin – American Street Dream

Pentangle – Light Flight

The Phil Beer Band – Frank & Jessie James

Ben Weaver – Ballad Of A Thin Man

Nick Drake – River Man

Utah Phillips And Ani Difranco – Bridges

The Carter Family – Wildwood Flower

The Staves – Gone Tomorrow

Dave Swarbrick – Boadicea

Spiro – The Iron Way



Jelli Records Music Show 23rd November 2015
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Roving Crows – Nancy Valentine

Meet Your Feet – World Party

Meet Your Feet – Bristol People

The Black Feathers – Goodbye Tomorrow *performed live*

The Black Feathers – Make You Feel My Love *performed live*

Telling The Bees – A Puppeteer Came Into Town

The Black Feathers – Homesick *performed live*

The Black Feathers – Down By The River *performed live*

Tom Mitchell – Wind

Kevin Figas Quartet – Blackout

2nd Hour

Boat To Row – As The Day Is Long

Jasper Storey – Monday Morning Girl

Rivers Of England – In The Barley

I Am David – Say

Steffan Lewis & Rachel Foster – Mop Fair

Bache – Raise A Glass

Sumie – Spells You

Alela Diane – To Begin

Muha – Cornwall Song

Rob Lear – Elvis

Jacob Spencer – Family

Nicky Swann – Little Bird

David Nash – Bulerias


BSR Folk Show 23rd November 2015

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Kate Rusby – Game Of All Fours

Al Jones – Get Out Of My Car

Chris Wood – None The Wiser

Josienne Clarke And Ben Walker – A Simple Refrain

The Staves – Wisely & Slow

Jackie Oates – A Cornish Young Man

Michael McGoldrick – Freefalling

Judy Dunlop & John Scaife – Star O’ The Bar

Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman – Money Or Jewels

Odetta – Sail Away Ladies

Donovan – Colours

Mawkin Causley – Cutty Wren

Megson – Working Town


Jelli Records Music Show 16th November 2015
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The Alchemist’s Wardrobe – Through The Fair

Jemima Surrender – Sylvia

Brian Inglis – Bluebird

Lauren Castle – The Girl I Used To Be

Gavin Thorpe – Drift Away

4 Sided Triangle – Still

Jack Fox Williams – Something Simple *performed live*

Jack Fox Williams – Her Days Alone *performed live*

Robin Mitchell – We Are The People They Are Not The People

Jack Fox Williams – Like You *performed live*

Jack Fox Williams – Meant To Be *performed live*

The Beehives – Tainted Love

Spiro – We Will be Absorbed

2nd Hour

Rod Stewart – Please

Selena Gomez – Hands To Myself

Dela Lupa – Animal

Stereo Kela – Dominatrix

James Morton’s Porkchop – The Hump

Jemima Surrender – Jenny

Sam Cooper – Makes Me Wanna Cry

Three Cane Whale – The Bird Flies Into The Forest To Rest

Jasper Storey – Monday Morning

Richard Burley – Blood, Water & Wine

Calin – Giggly

Katey Brooks – Hunger

Jacob Spencer – Camping

Roger Wells New Orleans Hotshots – Dauphin Street Blues



BSR Folk Show 16th November 2015

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Bellowhead- 10,000 Miles

Sam Carter – Yellow Sign

Ewan Mclennan – Yellow Sign

Harry Chaplin – W.O.L.D

Ralph McTell – Streets Of London

Harry Belafonte – Scarlet Ribbons

Jim Moray – Who’s The Fool Now

June Tabor – Roses of Picardy

Cara Dillon – Black Is The Colour

The Drystones – Rock Of Ages

The Urban Folk Quartet -The Swallow

Telling The Bees – Windflower


***Week commencing 9th /11/15

No Folk Show or Jelli Records Music Show

Back again next week.***

Jelli Records Music Show 2nd November 2015
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Burgess & Slide – Boom Boom

Katey Brooks – State Of Mind

Aurora – Little Boy In The Grass

Tom Corneill – Emma’s Song

Saskia Griffiths-Moore – Take My Hand *performed live*

Saskia Griffiths- Moore – Wash it Away *performed live*

Bob Dylan – Tangled Up In Blue

Saskia Griffiths-Moore – I Prefer Water

Saskia Griffiths- Moore – The Autumn Leaves

Three Cane Whale – Sudden Windows

2nd Hour

Troubadour Hook – The Calling Of Robert Fitzpatrick

Joanna Newson – Sapokanikan

Roving Crows – The Hitchhiker

The Honeyfire – Blind Eye

Emi McDade – Illusions

Brian Inglis – America Street

Yes Sir Boss – Buy It Up

I Am Horse – To Weston

Roxy Rawson – God’s Got Bones

Bent – Magic Love

The Cadbury Sisters – Sarah

4 Sided Triangle – Name Of The Game


BSR Folk Show 2nd November 2015

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Albion Band – The Road Beneath My wheels

Fairport Convention – Now Be Thankful

Dervish – The Swallow’s Tail

Steeleye Span – When I was On Horseback

Tom Palmer – Notion

The Long Notes – Slow, Medium And Rare

Fay Heild – Mad Family

Jim Moray – Lord Willoughby

Hannah James & sam Sweeney – The Ploughboys Dream

Dave Evans – Grey Lady Morning

Pete Seeger – John Brown’s Body

Karine Polwart – King Of Birds


Jelli Records Music Show 26th October 2015
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Sheryl Crow – My Favorite Mistake

Jacob Spencer – Whiskers!

The Blue Aeroplanes – It Didn’t Work Out

Sinnober – Fool To be Your Lover *performed live*

Sinnober – Small Hour Eternal *performed live*

Leon Gormley – Beltane Bash

Sinnober – Maria *performed live*

Sinnober – Bernadette Do You Know *performed live*

Makala Cheung – Empty Pocket

The Beehives – I feel Good

The Lemon Pipers – Green Tambourine

Lian Howard & The Truthseekers – Wrong Side Of Today

Paragon Sea – To The Forests

Phil Bowbeer – Slow River

2nd Hour

Meet Your Feet – Pushin’

Cecile – What Goes Around

Emma Ballantine – The Love I Seek

Stereo Kela – Beats In The Heart

Von Bartha – It’s a Pity Party

Eileen Johanna – I Love Being Here With You

The Long Pours – Delight

Clutching At Straws – Come What May

The Black Feathers – 10,000 Miles

Mat Skinner – Do You Know This?

Steve Knightly – The Galway Farmer

John Martyn – Over The Hill

Thought Forms – Maggie


BSR Folk Show 26th October 2015

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BSR Folk Show – 26th Oct 2015 by Bsr Listen Again on Mixcloud

Reg Meuross – What Would William Morris Say

The Carrivick Sisters – Strawberries And Coriander

The Young’ Uns – School Days Over

Ewan MacColl – Cam Ye O’er Fra France

Kris Drever – Sweet Honey In The Rock

Steve Knightly – Cousin Jack

Stackridge – God Speed The Plough

Straight Furrow – Brighton Camp

Madigan – Evening

Karine Polwart – Resolution Road

Martin Simpson – One Day

The Sun Also Rises – Tales Of Jasmine And Suicide

Kirsty McGee – Shame

The Long Notes – Slow, Medium And Rare


Jelli Records Music Show 19th October 2015
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Appalachia – Lazy Evening

Dan Owen – Bad For Me

Rae Morris – love Again

Sam Fearon – Brothers In Arms

Susanna Lea – Love Should Come

By The Rivers – If They Don’t Come

Megs Emrys – Green As Grass *performed live*

Megs Emrys – We Should Have Spoke Like This*performed live*

David 9 Lunas – I’m Right You’re A Drama

Della Lupa – Storm Of Swallows

Megs Emrys – Rays Of Light *performed live*

Ish Kabibble – Some Of These Days

David Nash – Bulerias

2nd Hour

Megs Emrys – In Mist *performed live*

Plume Of Feathers – First Date

Emlyn – Bruises

Kezia – America

Balanga – London Samba

Bashema – Mr Red *performed live*

Bashema – Twins *performed live*

Brockley Forest – Rubicon

The Ones – On The Road

Bashema – No Woman No Cry *performed live*

Heather Peace – Clown

Besh O Drom – Tul E Vizen


BSR Folk Show 19th October 2015

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The Demon Barbers – Captain Ward

The Drystones – The Hemp Jig

Hannah Jones & Sam Sweeny

June Tabor & Oysterband – Bonny Bunch of Roses

Woody Guthrie – Little Black Train

Bob Dylan – Forever Young

Walter Pardon – The Female Drummer

Lucy Ward – Alice In The Bacon Box

Skelton Crew – When A Man’s In Love

Jackie Oates – Doffing Mistress

Wiz Jones – See How Time Is Flying

Magna Carta – Evergreen

Stackridge – God Speed The Plough


Jelli Records Music Show 12th October 2015
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Really Potcheen – Life

Ramblin’ Tyme – The Party

Mary-Jess – Are You The Way Home ?

The Ones – Mr Shepherd

The Duckworths – Come Around

David Nash – Farruca

Brockley Forest – The Desert Song *performed live*

Brockley Forest – Get Us Out Of Here *performed live*

Naomi Rush – Curious Breed

Katy Garden – Pick Me Up

Brockley Forest – Rubicon *performed live*

The Beehives – I Feel Good

Vanessa Mae – Sabre Dance

2nd Hour

Brockley Forest – Eastern Land – *performed live*

Jo Perkins ft Ellie Price – Flying High

Angry Badgers – Crazy

The Hawthornes – Drama Queen

Jack Fox-Williams – Like A Dream

Zervas & Pepper – One Man Show

Jack Cookson – My Eyes Were Blind

Heather Peace – Lily

Julio Bashmore – For Your Love

Schnauser – Westward Ho

The Naturals – Axe

Left Side Brian – Chewer

John Williams – Cavatina


BSR Folk Show 12th October 2015

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Jennifer Crook – A Stranger In Love

Bellowhead – Roll The Woodpile Down

Fairport Convention – Now Be Thankful

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott – The Boll Weevil

Pete Seeger – Frankie And Johnny

Kate Rusby – The Lark

Martin Carthy – The Foggy Dew

Lucy ward – The Fairy Boy

Steve Knightly – The Galway Farmer

Seth Lakeman – Blacksmith’s Prayer

The Copper Family – Spencer The Rover

Blackbeards Tea Party – The Valiant Turpin

The Drystones – The Hemp Jig

Jelli Records Music Show 5th October 2015
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Vapor – Twist Of Fate

Robin Mitchell – Down

Jungle – The Heat

Will Hardiman – Times Like This *performed live*

Will Hardiman – Bridge Valley Road – *performed live*

Imagine Dragons – Tiptoe

Will hardiman – You Know I can Change *performed live*

Will hardiman – The Western Skies *performed live*

Jodie Stadden – We Will Show Them

Katey Garden – O Mio Babbino Caro

Rod Stewart – Please

Maxine Stacey – Days Without You

Rauschenberg – Christinne

Cheeryshoes – Ride On

The Stringbeans Quartet – God Only Knows

2nd Hour

Stereo Kela – Beats In The Heart

Beth Orton – It’s Not The Spotlight

Lee Rhan – Will You Love

Lord Tanamo – Iron Bar

White City Shakers – There Goes My Baby

Ethemia – Silly Girl

Abigails Mercy – Destiny

Thin Lizzy – The Rocker

The Croutons – May I Suggest

Heg Doughty – Red

Sydnee Carter – Pillow Fort

The Stringbeans Quartet – El Croco


BSR Folk Show 5th October 2015

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The BSR Folk Show with Steve Parkhouse 5/10/15 by Bsr Listen Again on Mixcloud

The Imagined Village – Winter Singing

The Urban Folk Quartet – The Swallow

The Carrivick  Sisters – The Highwayman

Hot Vultures – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is

Fisherman’s Friends – South Australia

The Young’ Uns – Hands Feet

Cara Dillon – Spencer The Rover

Andy Irvine – The Demon Lover

Mabon – The Hustler

Sharon Shannon & Mundy – Galway Girl

Jackie Oates – The Spyglass & The Herringbone

Derroll Jones – The Sky


Jelli Records Music Show 28th  September 2015
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Kula Shaker – Hey Dude

Back to The Lake – Boiling Point

Jodie Stadden – Just My Luck

Robin Mitchell – From The Waist Up *performed live*

Robin Mitchell – Bike *performed live*

Sleeping States – Rings Of Saturn

Robin Mitchell – Pools *performed live*

Robin Mitchell – Nothing Personal *performed live*

Rozelle – Altitude

Dan Ratchett – Girl You Want My Love

Geraint John Jones – Good Looking Woman

Andy Sheppard, Steve Lodder & Nana Vasconcelos – Where We Going ?

2nd Hour

Poundshop Life – Catalina

Rob Lear – Look Me Up

Sophie Ellam – My Angel *performed live*

Sophie Ellam – World’s Collide *performed live*

Twin Falls – Janie I Will Only let You Down

Beccy Farr – Since You

Heather Peace – Forever Drowning

Ed Lofstedt – Icarus Lives

Feo – Jung And Free

Meet Your Feet – Pushin

Jim Bloomfield – Sail

Jelli Records Music Show 21st  September 2015
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The Band Of HM Royal Marines – A Life on The Ocean Waves

Emily Browne – Snap & Crackle

Lonesome Stampede – Apology

The Sans – Receipt

Sophie Hosken-Taylor – Troubled *performed live*

Sophie Hosken-Taylor – Locked In, Covered Up *performed live*

Kikamora – Them And Us

Sophie Hosken-Taylor – Can You?  *performed live*

Sophie Hosken – Taylor – Unsteady *performed live*

Stone Cold Fiction – Irrelephant

Leon Gormley – Here Today

Phantom Trophies – Disorder

Eastpole Orchestra – The Sheppard’s Dance

2nd Hour

Rough Justice – All I Want

Makala Cheung – Empty Pocket

Twizzy & Chris Lucas Ft Shadz – Days Don’t Change

Vapor – Twist Of Fate

Muha – Sketches

Bellowhead – New York Girls

Mat Skinner – Do You Know This?

Appalchia – Lazy Evening

This Is Kit – Sleeping Bag

Gee Baby I Love You – Sex Bomb

Cursor Major – Tongue-Tied & Twisted

Eyebrow – Confidential Agent


Jelli Records Music Show 14th  September 2015
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Liam Howard & The Truthseekers – First Things First

Ed Lofstedt – Icarus Lives

Kayla Painter – Revert

Clutching At Straws – Come What May

Dellavega – When The Feelings Gone

Vic Allen – When You’re Not Around *performed live*

Vic Allen – The Missing Piece *performed live*

Our Nameless Boy – I Never Went Hunting

Vic Allen – Real *performed live*

Vic Allen – Prey *performed live*

The Honeyfire – What Is Left

Phil Bowbeer Life’s Journey

2nd Hour

Laura Marling – The Muse

Tracy & Jason – From Russia With Love

Dr Nut – Master Of All Trades

Keira Knightly – Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home

Phil Bowbeer – Country Blue

Laura Greaves – When we Were Young

The Black Feathers  – Open Book

Matt Creer – North Northwest

Henry Bateman – Little Boy In The Haze

Mac Seka – Taw Bi

Mo Kenney – Telephones

Gee Baby I Love You – JB Shout

Bashema – Insanity


Jelli Records Music Show 7th  September 2015
Listen again to the show

Lori Campbell – Johnny Malone

Sam Brookes – In Weeks

Lionface – Vampire

Y Trwbz – One Day

Naomi Maiden – Hold Me *performed live*

Naomi Maiden – La Girl *performed live*

She Makes War – Butterflies

Naomi Maiden – Tell Me *performed live*

Naomi Maiden – Go *performed live*

Kayla Painter – Metempsychosis

Bernie Torme – Golden Pig

Robin Mitchell – We Are The People

Joe Maybey – Breton Tale

2nd Hour

Graeme Smith – Circus Of Spiders

Luke Philbrick – John The Revelator

GhostHit – 13 Years

The Pop Group – She Is Beyond Evil

Megson – Working Town

Rura – Between The Pines

Son Of Dave – Hot Summer Night

Rod Stewart – The Killing Of Georgie Part 1 & 2

Sinnober – Bernadette So You Know

Rose Kemp – Nanny’s World

Lewis Creaven – Emily Says

Choonz – Stormy Blues

Spires & Boden – Cukoo’s Nest


Jelli Records Music Show 31st August 2015
Listen again to the show

With Nell & I – Horse & Carriage

Rob Beresford – Picking Up The Pieces

Roving Crows – Roll On Tomorrow

Julio Bashmore – Knockin’ Boots

Leo Wood – Silly Girl

Sazzy – Wishing

Son Of Dave – Shake A Bone

Hattie Briggs – Tilly’s Song

The Honeyfire – Delusion *performed live*

The Honeyfire – Can’t You See *performed live*

Della Lupa – Storm Of Swallows

The Shrinks – The Beetle Eats The Cathedral

Lord Gammonshire – Summer Smash

2nd Hour

John Coinman – Oklahoma City

The Honeyfire – Come Undone *performed live*

The Honeyfire – Underwater *performed live*

The Honeyfire – Noah *performed live*

Stereo Kela – Apocalypse

Beth Porter & The Availables – Jack

Jemima Surrender – Sylvia

Julio Bashmore – You & Me

Appalachia – 500 Miles

Leo Wood – Justification

Cursor Major – Two-Timing Tom Jones

Barbara J Hunt – More Rain

Movietone – Summer


Jelli Records Music Show 24th August 2015
Listen again to the show

AMJ Collective – Drop Leaf

Jess Vincent – Shine

Backbone Blues Band – Games We Play

The Long Pours – 1,2 Many

Wasuremono – A Sigh Is Like The Sea

Tracey and Jason – You Only Live Twice *performed live*

Tracey And Jason – Walk Into The Room *performed live*

Ken Lintern – Run In The Rain

Tracey And Jason – From Russia With Love *performed live*

Tracey And Jason – You Give Love a Bad Name

Son Of Dave – Shake A Bone

Edward Leaker – Looking Glass

2nd Hour

The Honeyfire – Come Undone

Sydnee Carter – Pillow Fort

The Evening Watch – Indulgences

Anna Baines – Let it Pour

The Wires – Meal For Two

Funkinsteins – Demister

Roxy Rawson – Philanthropy

Chandra Moon – Easy

Billy Brandt & Sarana Verlin – Ain’t Gonna Run

Al O’Kane & Tessa Vickers – See You Soon

Protest Crayon – A War Shuffle

Copperhead – Rubber Side Down

Mercado Mestizo – Todo De Mi


Jelli Records Music Show 17th August 2015

Listen again to the show

The Naturals – Axe

Chris Mayfield – Uncle Albert

Jack Cookson – Nebraska

Arketta – find You

Willie Williams – Armageddon Time

Brockley Forest – Run For Your Money

Sophronie – Fire In The Heavens *performed live*

Sophronie – Eyes Wide *performed live*

Blur – Country House

Sophronie – People Pass *performed live*

Sophronie – Lighthouse *performed live*

Besh O Drom – 7s

2nd Hour

Louise Jordan – As She Goes

Elbow – Lippy Kids

Jackie Oates – John Blunt

Ken Lintern – Fortitude

The Honeyfire – Come Undone

Lord Gammonshire – Summer Smash

Dave Betts Quintet – Just Funky

Sadie Fleming – Close The Door

Hodmadoddery – The Well Below The Valley

Paul Butler – She Runs With The Foxes

Giant Swan – Nautical Upbringing


Jelli Records Music Show 10th August 2015

Listen again to the show

AMJ Collective – Believe
Hi Fiction Science – Black Flower
The Evening Watch – Providence
Emi McDade – Illusions *performed live*
Emi McDade – Light Up The Dark *performed live*
Tamu Massif – Delphine
Emi McDade – Just Begun *performed live*
Emi McDade – Faith *performed live*
Ramblin Tyme – The Party
Pinch – One Blood, One Source
2nd Hour
Gecko – Leave This Town
Andy Romoff – Dark & Dirty Side
Lazibyrd – There She Goes
Giant Swan – Bring Back Fives
Bath Youth Folk Band Trio – Harvest Home *performed live*
Bath Youth Folk Band Trio – Rosa/Flat World *performed live*
Crossharbour – Path Into The Woods
Bath Youth Folk Band Trio – Izekal *performed live*
Bath Youth Folk Band Trio – Four Up/The Plain Tree *performed live*
Beth Rowley – You Never Called Me Tonight
Get The Blessing – Quiet


Jelli Records Music Show 3rd August 2015

Listen again to the show

 Slim Whitman – Singing The Blues

Cilla Black – Step Inside Love

Circe’s Diner – Let’s Go Sailing

Duncan Stagg And The Threadbare Band – Joe

More Human Than Human ft Tanya Hazel – Rhyme Or Reason

Paul Butler – Egg And Bacon Pie

Will Cookson – Ferris Wheel

Beccy Farr – Open Door *performed live*

Beccy Farr – Out Here *performed live*

Tamu Massif – Fate Much Worse

Beccy Farr – Since Falling *performed live*

Beccy Farr – May *performed live*

Christa Couture – Pirate Jenny And The Storm

Last Chance – Nut Rocker

2nd Hour

The Honeyfire – What Is left

Zervas & Pepper – All The World Has Changed

Sam Eason – At Sea

Fabula Rosa – Arabella

Flook – Gone Fishing

RSVP – Ongla

Entangled Band – Dance All Over The Moon

Lord Gammonshire – Summer Smash


Jelli Records Music Show 27th July 2015

Listen again to the show

The Shires – Tonight

Dry White Bones – Country Club

Rishi Saluja – New View *performed live*

Rishi Saluja – Ethiopia *performed live*

Original Sing – Butterfly

Katey Brooks – I Fought Lovers

Rishi Saluja – Your Temple *performed live*

Rishi Saluja – Our Faults *performed live*

Olive Haigh – Lady Made Of Clay

The Phoenix River Band – Dancing In The Dark

Eileen Johanna – I Love being Here With You

John Lester – Good Intentions

2nd Hour

Max Wolfe – My Baby Is Crazy

Bashema  – Go With The Flow

Laid Blak – Bristol Love

Makala Cheung – Show Love

Bronwyn Leonard – What We Gonna Do

Ema Ballantine – Tourist

John Lester – She And I

Polly And The Billets Doux – Calico Blankets

The London Theatre Orchestra -Space 1999


Jelli Records Music Show 20th July 2015

Listen again to the show

 Poundshop Life – Cardiac Bounce
The Blush – Bad Guy
The Greenaways – Son Of Dust
The FCs – Melt
Steph & Bob – In The Eyes
The Black Bullets – Sin Seeker
Wendy Arrowsmith – Sweeter By The Day
Spanish Jimi & Banjo Nick – Ovillo *performed live*
Spanish Jimi & Banjo Nick – One More Cup Of Coffee *performed live*
Darker Dogs – Your Dying Wish
Reg Meuross – My Name Is London Town
Spiro – The Iron Way

2nd Hour

Spanish Jimi & Banjo Nick – Fisherman *performed live*

Spanish Jimi & Banjo Nick – Okie From Muskogee

Sandie Shaw – There’s Always Something There To Remind Me

The Phantom Band – Clapshop

Natalie Prass – Christy

Tracy & Jason – Walk Into The Room

Joker – Electric Sea

The Croutons – Something Stupid

Leveret – Upon A Summers Day – Abbotts Bromley Horn Dance

The Honeyfire – Come Undone

The Undercover Hippy – Boyfriend

The Barry Walsh Band – My Guitar Loves Playing Country Music

Sheldon King – Koh


Jelli Records Music Show 13th July 2015

Listen again to the show

Bashema – Different
Katey Brooks – Hear Me Now
Meet Your Feet – Bristol People
Marine – Selkie
Jodie Stadden – Compulsive Liar *performed live*
Jodie Stadden – Fate *performed live*
Appalachia – Ragtime Millionaire
Barry Walsh – Femina
Jodie Stadden – Not To Blame *performed live*
Jodie Stadden – Write a Song – *performed live*
Stereo Kela – I’m Fire
Roving Crows – Casanova Is Burning
Dymphna – For The Thought Of You
Katey Brooks – I Don’t Want No Other
2nd Hour
Rauschenberg – Disreal

Foreign Affairs – How Do You Do My Friend

The Honeyfire – Come Undone

Funkinsteins – Dis Service

Ria Timkin – Poor Girl *performed live*

David 9 Lunas – Mushroom Tea

Ria Timkin – Run *performed live*

Ria Timkin – Fearless *performed live*

Ria Timkin – Contradictions *performed live*

Schnauser – Dinner Party

Bashema – Liberty


Jelli Records Music Show 6th July 2015

Listen again to the show

Ruby Turner ft Jonathan Taylor – If You’re Ready (Come With me)

Vapor – Therapy

Twin Falls – I Will Only Let You Down

Jess Vincent & Reg Meuross – Shine *performed live*

Jess Vincent & Reg Meuross – Love Me True *performed live*

Lonely Tourist – The Ballad Of Paul Tierney

Jess Vincent & Reg Meuross – Ruby Tuesday *performed live*

Jess Vincent & Reg Meuross – Run Senor Run *performed live*

No Parkin Blues Band – Trying So Hard

Keith Hyett – Summer Idyll

2nd Hour

Rita Lynch – Losing

M People – Just For You

Tamu Massif – Jejune

Bongo Man Byfield – Bongo Man

Mac Seka – Gni Guiss

I Am Horse – Chocked

Marika Hackman – Retina Television

Geraint John Jones – Good Looking Woman

Dry Rib – Suspense

Anon Amos – Go Home

Cream – Badge

The Cadbury Sisters – Sarah

AMJ Dub Collective – Level Vibes (Dub)


Jelli Records Music Show 29th June 2015

Listen again to the show

Ella Fitzgerald – When I get High

Gian Piero Milanetti – Girotondo

David 9 Lunas – I’m Right You’re A Drama

Prairie Dog – Down To Earth

The Young’ Uns – You Won’t Find me On Benefits Street

Light Falls Forward – Dare You

Half Crown – Eye Spy

I Am Horse – Caged Bird *performed live*

I Am Horse – Stars *performed live*

Backbone Blues Band – Look How Hard I’m Loving You

Bad Places – Up Here

Ant Noel – Little White Dove

Faust – Just A Second

2nd Hour

I Am Horse – The Lament Part 1 *performed live*

I Am Horse – Crocodile *performed live*

Project LGM – Russian Spy

Heather Bristow – Jenny’s Song

Mark Abis – For A Woman’s Love

Jemima Farey – Travellers Waltz

Turbowolf – Invisible Hand

Jonny Velon – A Green lesson

Jim Johnston – The Last Pilgrim

Ria Timkin – Trouble

Emily Wright And The Royals – I’m Hip

Edgar Froese – Upland


Jelli Records Music Show 24th June 2015

Listen again to the show

Billie Jo Spears – Blanket On The Ground

Mac Seka – Layil

Miss Cecily – Leaving With You

The Drystones – Dumbo *performed live*

The Drystones – Van Dieman’s Land *performed live*

Nobody’s Business – Honeysuckle

The Drystones – Three Month’s Silence *performed live*

The Drystones – Lucky Ricky’s *performed live*

Backbone Blues Band – Look How hard I’m Loving You

Miles Davis – Conception

2nd Hour

Sam Fearon – She’s The One

The Young’ Uns – Tenting Tonight

The Cadbury Sisters – Sarah

Meet Your Feet – Bristol People

The Layers – Surftrip

Ria Timkin – Settle For Less

Scarlatti Tilt – The Insects Party

David Saunders – Wired To My Soul

Minor Works Unit – I’m To Blame

Taylor Swift – 22

The London Theatre Orchestra – Battlestar Galactia


Jelli Records Music Show 15th June 2015

Listen again to the show

Turin Brakes – Everyday
Jim Evans – Work Is Done
Transition – Sorry My Chinese Isn’t So Good *performed live*
Transition – Stay In The Moment *performed live*
The Honeyfire – Parallel
Transition – Sky Lantern *performed live*
Transition – High Ka *performed live*
Celestine – Go A Little Deeper
Will Cookson – The Empty Bookcase
The Weary Band – Sunshine & Gold
Eyebrow – Built In A Day

2nd Hour

The Undercover Hippy – Boyfriend

Tom Mitchell – Fifty Trees

Hazel Winter – Little Rowing Boat

John E Vistic – What Will Be

Matt Carter – Weary Traveller

Mark McDowell – Died In Love

Sophronie – Fire In The Heavens

Gonga – Sandstorm

The Great Admirers – Keynsham

Wildflowers – Gypsy

Midnight Brothers – Giant Box Of Matches


Jelli Records Music Show 8th June 2015

Listen again to the show

Kill It Kid – Dark Hearted Songbird

The Angry Badgers – Kill It

Stereo Kela – Love Deprived *performed live*

Stereo Kela – I’m Fire *performed live*

Donna Summer – Love To Love You Baby

Downard – Motorbike Song

Stereo Kela – Real Kinda Thing *performed live*

Stereo Kela – Paradox *performed live*

Mr Shaun – Bristol Babes

Peter & The Harmonics – Over Me

The London Theatre Orchestra – Carrie

2nd Hour

Eyes For Gertrude – Forgiveness Killed Us

O’Hooley & Tidow – Summat’s Brewin

Jackie Oates – John Blunt

Kirsty Bromley – Eat, Drink And Be Jolly

Emmylou Harris – Luxury Liner

Andy J Willams – On Any Other Day

The Honeyfire – Parallel

Helen James – And Then You Smiled

Brockley Forest – Blame It On The Weather

Seren The Heron – Flames

The London Theatre Orchestra – Hill St Blues


Jelli Records Music Show 1st June 2015

Listen again to the show

Funkinsteins – RewindThe Layers – Sapphire
Black Roots – Juvenile Delinquent
Mia And Tuesday Eagle – Transparent Disguise
Jasper Storey – Monday Morning *performed live*
Jasper Storey – Ways *performed live
The Sugarhill Gang – Rappers Delight
Jasper Storey – Lover You Should Have Come Over – *performed live*
Jasper Storey – All On Us *performed live*
The Drystones – Scotch Egg
2nd Hour
Sam Evans Band – Together We Can
Kech – Missing You Lately
Anna Lisa – Over You
Ange Hardy – The Raising And The Letting Go
Mighty Nubian –  My Cup Is Filled
Jo Probert – The Ocean Song
Hattie Briggs – Happy In Your Arms
Bobby Walters – People Of The Rhythm
Lewis Creaven – Free Love
Brett Aland – Don’t Worry
Appalchia – Up On The Mountain
Abi Ewles – Running From Fate
Burt Bacharach – Do You Know The Way to San Jose ?


Jelli Records Music Show 25th May 2015

Listen again to the show

Lewis Creaven – Once In a While
Phoenix River Band – Forgotten
Poundshop Life – Catalina
Lady Nade – Minds Made Up
Ethemia – Katie Kate
Funkinsteins – Love Vibe *performed live*
Funkinsteins – Dimister *performed live*
Aaron Douglas – Serenade
Funkinsteins – Freak Willy *performed live*
Funkinsteins – Unity *performed live*
Michelson Morley – Rice Rage

2nd Hour

Jess Vincent – Love Me True

Barry Lane And The Fridge Magnets – Didn’t We Dream

Mr Shaun – The Wonder

Transition – Sky Lantern

Guy Colhoun – We Are Free

Renalto Palazzo – Time Away *performed live*

Renalto Palazzo – Holy Mother *performed live*

Jemima Frey – The Farmer’s Bridge

Renato Palazzo – If I *performed live*

Renato Palazzo – How Long *performed live*

Len Leichti – Limitation Boogie

Shaun Robert – Dialectics


Jelli Records Music Show 18th May 2015

Listen again to the show

BB King – The Thrill Is Gone
Hattie Briggs – A Beautiful Mind *performed live*
Hattie Briggs – Old Eyes *performed live*
Bristol Fantasy Orchestra – Fistful Of Dollars
Hattie Briggs – Happy In Your Arms *performed live*
Hattie Briggs – Fields of Gold *performed live*
Steve Mercy And Maria Dyke – Piece Of The Sun
Steely Dan – FM
Renato Palazzo – Holy Mother
The Young’ Uns – You Won’t Find Me On Benefits Street
Bashema – Liberty
2nd Hour
O’Hooley & Tidow – Two Mothers
Little Dusty – Wasted Hours
Isolde – Kismet *performed live*
Isolde – The Tree Song *performed live*
Bad Places – Confessions
Gabrielle Aplin – Light Up The Dark
Isolde – Sweet Tooth *performed live*
Isolde – Seed Bud Bloom *performed live*
Nick Malcolm Quartet – Glimmers

Jelli Records Music Show 11th May 2015

Listen again to the show

Frankie Lane – Rawhide
The Drawf Chorus – Heigh-Ho

Jama – Joe’s Song

Ted Zed – I’m Gold

Bombs – Howl

Daddy Longlegs – Wonder

Steffan Lewis And Rachel Foster – Hold & Sway

Dean Reed’s Dead – Pelusiac

Nadine Shah – Divided

Lau – The Burrian

Makala Cheung – Kisses *performed live*

The Libertines – What Katie Did

Groove Armada – Fireside Favourite

2nd Hour

Makala Cheung – Drop *performed live*

Makala Cheung – A Little Deeper *performed live*

Makala Cheung – Take Me *performed live*

Jack Cookson – What You Sow, You Reap

Ben E King – Stand By Me

Hot Chocolate – It Started With A Kiss

Rachael Dadd – Finger On The Button

Sophie Barker – Break The Habit

Organelles – Plutonic

The Bookshop Band – The 5th Knight And The Moon Princess

Angel Tech – Heart Fit To Burst

Chet Baker – Moonlight In Vermont


Jelli Records Music Show 4th May 2015

Listen again to the show

Bob Dylan – Romance In Durango
Laid Blak – One Hour Of Power
Chris Mayfield – Peepin’ And Moanin Blues *performed live*
Chris Mayfield – You Gotta Move *performed live*
Scorpio – Every Fall
Chris Mayfield – Memory Game *performed live*
Chris Mayfield – Come On In My Kitchen  *performed live*
Loretta Heywood – This Boy That Girl
Stereo Kela – I’m Fire
Andy Sheppard – Ocean View
2nd Hour
Emmanuel Jal – Elengwen
Cadbury Sisters – Get This Feeling
Toyface – Hot Summer Day
Meadowlark – Fly
Rebecca Clements – Pure Wasted
Paul Butler – I’ll Be There
Rhain – Hand Over Your Eyes
Von Bartha – It’s A Pity Party
Praire Dog – Slow Train
Maz O’Connor – London Lights
Eddie John – Last Cigarette
Delta 5 – Triangle
Never The Bride – I’ll Do It For You
Get The Blessing – OCDC

Jelli Records Music Show 27th April 2015

Listen again to the show

 Tez Skachill – If I Question

Louise Latham – Melt Me Down Like Chocolate

Sisters Of Swing – The Lady Is A Tramp

With Nell And I – Runaway *performed live*

With Nell And I – The Wolves *performed live*

Jeff Spencer – Mr Jaffer

With Nell And I – The Beast *performed live*

With Nell And I – Set To Lose *performed live*

The Young Uns – John Hill

Tez Skachill – Remedy

Bucucrasu – Don’t Do It

Miles Davis – Boplicty

2nd hour

Tamu Massif – Jejune/Selene

Sophie Stott – Fire Inside *performed live*

Sophie Stott – Love Me Like A Man *performed live*

Laura Doggett – Into The Glass

Sophie Stott – Locksmith *performed live*

Sophie Stott – Set To Lose *performed live*

Rauschenberg – Non Neo

Rozi Plain – Five Beans

The Jinx – Brain Bruiser

Sara Vian – People Get Ready

Squeeze – Take me I’m Yours

Rasha Shaheen – Ice Cream For Kids

Star Trex Theme


Jelli Records Music Show 20th April 2015

Listen again to the show

The Deltics – Herbert Orange
No Parkin Blues Band – Lollipop Man
David 9 Lunas – A Book That’s Still A Tree *performed live*
David 9 Lunas – Mushroom Tea *performed live*
The New Root – Dream Exile
David 9 Lunas – Rain, Water & Wine *performed live*
David 9 Lunas – Scarecrow *performed live*
Makala Cheung – A Little Deeper
Turbowolf – Invisible Hand
The Pick Ups – Triple Hop Song
Erroll Gardner – I’m In The Mood For Love

2nd Hour

Sam Sallon – You May Not Mean To Hurt Me (But You Do)
Chloe Hood – Sitting In The Rain *performed live*
Chloe Hood – Last Weeks Face *performed live*

Percy Sledge – Bring It On Home To Me

Chloe Hood – GloryBox/Feeling Good *performed live*
Chloe Hood – Feeling The Blues *performed live*
Papa Wemba – Rail On
Loretta Heywood – This Boy That Girl
Alesha Dixon – The Boy Does Nothing
Papa Wemba – Rail On
Jonny Winson – Flatline

Alesha Dixon – The Boy Does Nothing

The London Theatre Orchestra – Goldfinger

Jelli Records Music Show 13th April 2015

Listen again to the show

Appalachia – Jailer Jailer

Sharon Martin -What Time Is it ? *performed live*

Sharon Martin – Not Blue *performed live*

Three Kings High – Banging My Drum

Sharon Martin – More For Less *performed live*

Sharon Martin – And They Danced *performed live*

The Pick Ups – Confidence Game

Hattie Briggs – Share Your Heart

Dakhla – Hello Hoplinson

Sophie Hosken-Taylor – Troubled

Candy Darling – Going Straight

Ultrasound – I Am Melting

2nd Hour

Megson – The Long Shot

Sarah Proudfoot – Mind Games

Allan Schiller – Consolation No.3 (Liszt)

Lilly Allen – Who Do You Love ?

The Honeyfire – Unheard Voice

Jon Boden With Sam Sweeny – Sweet Thames Flow Softly

Terry Clemmett & The Mystic Kivers – Lady In Blue

Sharon Van Etten – Warsaw

Nadine Shah – Fast Food

Jon Venables – Unheard Voice

Laienda – Rip Out The Roots

Sutra – Shine

Yr Ods – Dim Esbonio

Jeff Spencer – Ball Of String


Jelli Records Music Show 6th April 2015

Listen again to the show

Mighty Sparrow – Music And Rhythm

Meet Your Feet – Side By Side

Bucucrasu – Wine Spoodly Woodly

This Human Condition – Rise (The Earth Is Full)

Hysterical Injury – Blood On The Daisy

The Honeyfire – Delusion *performed live*

The Honeyfire – Underwater *performed live*

The Rupees – Extravaganza

Lonesome Stampede – Hold & Drag

The Dead Daisies Ft Slash – Lock ‘n’ Load

She Makes War – In This Boat

The Stringbeans Quartet – God Only Knows

2nd Hour

The Honeyfire – Dreams *performed live*

The Honeyfire – Roadsigns *performed live*

Chris Mayfield – Merely Me

Stereo Kela – Real Kinda Thing

The Honeyfire – Back Together *performed live*

The Honeyfire – Falling For Orpheus *performed live*

Really Potcheen – Life

Funeral For A Friend – The Distance

Black Roots – Tribal War

The Bridge – Valley Lake

Asere – Romantica

Nils Petter Molvar – Perimeters


Jelli Records Music Show 30th March 2015

Listen again to the show

Trini Lopez – If I Had A Hammer

Mireille Mathlener – Never Meant To be Friends

Martin Callingham – Knots

Arketta – Find You

Three Kings High – Swine

The Trans – Antarctic Expedition – Octopus

The George Mabuza Group – Winibelle

Too Strong Lollipop – Fisherman *performed live*

Too Strong Lollipop – Iron Bar *performed live*

Saint Etienne – Like The Swallow

Simo Lagnawi – Shabakoy

2nd Hour

Laura Iseley & Mike Jan – Swift As A Stag

Balanca – London Samba

Too Strong Lollipop – Ovillo *performed live*

Too Strong Lollipop – Fugitivo *performed live*

Tamara And The Martyrs – Warm Kiss

The Black Feathers – Open Book

Meet Your Feet – World Party

Sam Cooke – Rome(Wasn’t Built In A Day)

The Stringbeans Quartet – El Choco

Dappa Dan And The Playaz – Reggae For You

Gatekeeper – Tense Past

Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy (Perfecto Mix)


Jelli Records Music Show 23rd March 2015

First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining

Tigar Moth – New Pony

Praire Dog – Shine

Funkinsteins – Get Up & Dance

Elles Bailey – Heart Go Ooh *performed live*

Elles Bailey – Take Me Back *performed live*

Renato Palazzo – Frozen Woman

Elles Bailey – Budapest *performed live*

Elles Bailey – Howlin Wolf *performed live*

No Fixed Abode – What Did I Do

Vicky Tilson Quartet – Boho Chic

2nd Hour

Lonesome Stampede – Left it Late To Hate

Sayer N Slim Trio – Dig Myself A Hole

Red Ray – Back On Track

AMRA – Chasing Fireflies

Samantha Lindo – Curl Up *performed live*

Samantha Lindo – Wilder *performed live*

The Sky Is Blue – Eighteen Years

Samantha Lindo – Deep Down Low *performed live*

Samantha Lindo – Turn And Leave *performed live*

Bellowhead – Roll Alabama

Sophie Stott – Breathe

Dakhla- Where’s The One

Tigar Moth – The Seven Stars


Jelli Records Music Show 17th March 2015

Listen again to the show

Eric ClaptonSunshine Of Your Love

Tom Mitchell – Lockdown In Five

Olive Haigh – Deep Sea Lullaby *performed live*

Olive Haigh – Runaway *performed live*

The Barry Walsh Band – Save Me

Sara Vian – Wild, Free & Beautiful

Olive Haigh – Alice *performed live*

Olive Haigh – Pebble People *performed live*

My Octopus Mind – Alfie

The Drystones – Dumbo

2nd Hour

Mother’s Union – I Can’t Go On

The Harry Brown’s – Dogger Bank

Wreckage Of Society – Upside Dopwn Roundabouts

Jodie Stadden – What’s Your Name again

With Nell And I – Run Away

John E Vistic – Long Time Gone

Owl In The Sun – Learning How To Breathe

The Vicky Tilson Quartet – The Crunch

Emeli Sande – Maybe

Roving Crows – Casanova Is Burning

David Harris – The Usual Suspects

Smile – I Wonder Who’s Kissing You Now

Southsection – Basslines


Jelli Records Music Show 9th March 2015

Listen again to the show

Roving Crows – Roll On Tomorrow
Macy Gray – Why Didn’t You Tell Me
The Drystones – Nailed It
Jupitar Owls – Cape Cornwall
Tamara – Get Him Out
Rosebud – Two Strangers
Jonny Velon Band – The White Rabbit *performed live*
Jonny Velon Band – Goodness Flows – *performed live*
Hilary Pavey – The Ballad Of Annie Lucy McBride
Jonny Velon Band – Overwhelming Stillness *performed live*
Eduardo Niebla – Mirror of Life
2nd Hour
Matt Woosey – Same Old Blues
Jonny Velon Band – Cambridge Squeeze *performed live*
The Honeyfire – Noah
Sam Fearon – Perspective
Makala Cheung – Empty Pocket
Jo Hamilton – Exsist (beyond My Wildest Dreams)
Tamco – I Put a Spell On You
Heg & The Wolf Chorus – Giant
Lana Del Rey – Old Money
Ruby Turner – Oh Mary Don’t You Weep
James Morton’s Porkchop -The Big 4


Jelli Records Music Show 2nd March 2015

Listen again to the show

The Honeyfire – Roadsigns
Roving Crows – Nancy Valentine *performed live*
Roving Crows – The White Petticoat Set *performed live*
Meet Your Feet – Bristol People
Roving Crows – If I had To Choose *performed live*
Roving Crows – Brother *performed live*
No Good Nancy’s – Needle In A Haystack
Roving Crows – Roll On Tomorrow *performed live*
Roving Crows – Guns *performed live
The John E Vistic Experience – John The Revelator
Ian Lord – Diving For Pearls
2nd Hour
Jack Cookson – What You Sow You Reap
Spectres – Drag
Sienna Chorus – Perfect Remedy
Candy Darling – Money
Tom Mitchell & Sarah Proudfoot – Lines *performed live*
Tom Mitchell & Sarah Proudfoot – Winter *performed live*
Jane Taylor – I Will Get There
Tom Mitchell & Sarah Proudfoot  – Stones *performed live*
Tom Mitchell & Sarah Proudfoot  -Fifty Trees *performed live*
The Trust Fund – Sadness
Bellowhead – Jack Lintel


Jelli Records Music Show 23 February 2015

Listen again to the show

Linda Sutti – Hurry
Jimmy Cliff – Guns Of Brixton
Cecile – The One That I Want *performed live*
Cecile – La Derive (The Drift) *performed live*
Marine – Anima
Cecile – What Goes Around *performed live*
Cecile – Golden Sand *performed live*
Cecile – Books Of Spanish Leather *performed live*
George Ezra – Spectacular Rival
Meet Your Feet – Bristol People
Lamb – Soft Mistake
2nd Hour
Mark McDowell – The Drifter
Tim Rice – I’ve Drawn A Line
Frazer Harris – Run Away
Sean Snook – She’s My Angel
Oliver Wilde – On This Morning
Subline – Dive In
Insomniac Jack – Oversensitive
Paloma Faith – Picking Up The Pieces
Jane Taylor – Inspiration
Mike Scott – May Contain Nuts
The Chemical Brothers – The Golden Path
Gravenhurst – She Dances


Jelli Records Music Show 16 February 2015

Listen again to the show

Makala Cheung – Canton Hop
Horace Andy & Ashley Beedle – When The Rain Falls
RSD – Pretty Bright Light
Richard Craine – Saturday Night
Alanah Jackson – The Runaways *performed live*
Alanah Jackson – Loose Control *performed live*
The Honeyfire – Falling For Orpheus
Ed Wren – Seasons
Alanah Jackson – Someone Else’s Bed *performed live*
Alanah Jackson – Walking Home From School *performed live*
The Goodness – Lights On
Jack Cookson – Old Chapels O’Stone
Joker – Milky Way
2nd Hour
Bridges – BFF
Al Paul – Loves Just a Party Away
Centrefolds – 15 Minutes Of Fame
Visage – Fade To Grey
Fabric – Skin
Love Beats Riot – Take Me Alive
Beth Porter And The Availables – Salty Water
Bob Dylan – The Night We Called it A Day
Kate Nash – Mariella
Jim Johnston – Count Your Coppers
Britten Sinfonia & Joanna Macgregor – Bach D Minor Concerto. Mov 1
The Celebration Jazz Band – Old Kentucky


Jelli Records Music Show 9 February 2015

Listen again to the show

The Lasting Days – Smoke Without Fire
let’s Tea Party – Barcelona
Kayla Painter – Ga Ga
Eleanor Dillon – Grit
The Trust – Soldier *performed live*
The Trust – Breeze Blocks – *performed live*
Smith & Mighty – Walk On
Restriction – Four Point Plan
The Trust – Rain *performed live*
The Trust – New Shoes *performed live*
Elles Bailey ft Spencer Ludwig – Heart Go Oooh
The Crisis Project – Compress (Kayla Painter Remix)
Thought Forms – Industry
2nd Hour
Rachel Newton – When I’m Gone
Ol Pine Leaf Boys – Whiskey C’est Mon Ami
Spookboy – Night Owl
James Hollingsworth – Mothership
Thrill Collins – Everybody
Lionesque – Dub Ting
Henry Clements – Because It’s There
Lianne le Havas – Age
The Minke Whales – When The Cold Came
Rick Payne – Walking Blues
Len Liechti – Face of an Angel
Rich Maya – In Too Deep
Bashema – Different


Jelli Records Music Show 2 February 2015

Listen again to the show

Toots And The Maytals ft Derek Trucks – Johnny Coolman
Jim Johnson – Tokyo Fix
Brian Inglis – Back Home
Lucy Evans – Winter’s Song
Hannah Macleod – Freeze My heart
Eyes For Gertrude – Forgiveness Killed Us *performed live*
Eyes For Gertrude – Home *performed live*
Vapor – Sweet Lovin’
Eyes For Gertrude – Bad Behaviour *performed live*
Eyes For Gertrude – Rag And Bone *performed live*
Burt Bacharach – Walk On By
2nd Hour
SJ Esau – I Threw A Wobbly
Kayla Painter – Phoenix
Dr John – Mama Roux
Elles Bailey – Who am I To You
Max Wolfe – Island
The Honeyfire – Underwater
Muther’s Ruin – A Little Conversation
Billy Haley And His Comets – See You Later Aligator
Brooks Williams – Frank Delandry
Something Anorak – The Thing’s We Do When No One’s Watching
Oliver Wilde – St Elmo’s Fire
Bethany Porter – Sleepy Song
Piers Partridge – Swans


Jelli Records Music Show 26 January 2015

Listen again to the show

The Dhol Foundation – Drums & Roses
The Inexplicables – Trouble
George Ezra – Breakaway
Twizzy – Here To Speak
Ben Hutcheson – You’ll Find Me *performed live*
Ben Hutcheson – Please Won’t You Dance With Me *performed live*
Lord Gammonshire – Summer Smash
Jonny Velon – Eternal
Ben Hutcheson – Beautiful Day *performed live*
Ben Hutcheson – Come Back To Me *performed live*
Don Ross & Andy McKee – Spirit Of The West
2nd Hour
Texas – Carnival Girl
The Black Feathers – All Come Down
Typesun – Could It Be (Duppy Beatz Remix)
Rosebud – Bourgeois Blues
Bela Loka – Escape
Chris Pritchett – Bad Words
Haim – Honey & I
Keith Hudson – I’m No Fool
No Parkin Blues Band – Call Me
Demis Roussos – Forever And Ever
Shaun Robert – Emitional Perception
Mandelinky – Juukshop Poetry


Jelli Records Music Show 19 January 2015

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Jungle – Son of a Gun
Angie Stone – Do What You Gotta Do
Love Beats Riot – Take me Alive
Mutant Beatniks – Neodklikaval
Daisy Chapman – Last December
Vernon Moat aka Max Wolfe – My Baby is Crazy
Eilidh Mckellar – Home
The Lasting Days – Get To You
Circe’s Diner – Caravan Song *performed live*
Circe’s Diner – Muddled Mind *performed live*
Southsection – Crooked Beats
Kyle Eastwood – Now
2nd Hour
Matt Woosey – let It Flow
Circe’s Diner – Tiger King *performed live*
Circe’s Diner – Let’s Go Sailing *performed live*
Emma Hutchinson – The Subject Is U
The Mangledwurzels – Cider be Good For’Ee
The Mangledwurzels – Five Miles An Hour
She Makes War – Olympian
Arketta – Don’t Force it
Olive Haigh – Monster By The Sea
Lord Gammonshire – Summer Smash
Norma Daykin Quartet – Yesterdays


Jelli Records Music Show 12 January 2015

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The Phoenix River Band – Empty Road
Paul Butler – I Remember Mabel
Eyes For Gertrude – Messing Around
Jonny Velon – The Cambridge Squeeze
Rainy – Blackbird
Dymphna – For The Thought of You *performed live*
Dymphna – Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town *performed live*
Foreign Affairs – Pretty Girl
Cara Roxanne – Driving To See You
Dymphna – Road Trip *performed live*
Dymphna – Hurt *performed live
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Flash
GBH Big Band – Hard Sock Dance
2nd Hour
Dymphna – I Don’t want to talk about It *performed live*
Professor Green ft Lilly Allen – Just be Good To Green
Elliot Hall And Rapunzel – Heartbreaker
Renato Palazzo – Time Away
Natalie Holmes – Don’t Know Me *performed live*
Natalie Holmes – Running After You *performed live*
The Young Un’s – The Long Way Home
Olive Haigh – Ghost In The Woods
The Real King Of Spain – On The Wind
Eyes For Gertrude – Home
Paul Butler – Sweet Sea Creature
Two Man Ting – Jomp En Tonorbur


Jelli Records Music Show 5 January 2015

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The War On Drugs – Eyes To The Wind
John-Paul Gard – Beef Dumplin’ Stew
Bombs – Nip it In The Bud
Espai – Reckoner
Johnny Velon, Ed Wren, Ben Walker, Steff Hambrook & Richard Williams – Penthesileia
Bashema – Basket Case *performed live*
Bashema – Twins *performed live*
Call The Doctor – Running With Scissors
Elles Bailey – That Girl
Kill It Kid – Run
Paul Fellows – Billie Jean
2nd Hour
Meet Your Feet – Bristol People
Bashema – Puppet Show *performed live*
Bashema – Go With The Flow *performed live*
Bashema – Hit The Road Jack *performed live*
Rod Stewart – Here Comes The Night
Natalie Holmes – All I Ask
Stranger Cole – Rough And Tough
The Beatles – Taxman
Yes Sir Boss – Buy it Up
Phil King – The War I Cannot Win
Lenny Savage – Crazy
Ashdown Roadhouse Band – On My Way
Martin Soloman – Leading The In-Laws Home


Jelli Records Music Show 29 December 2014

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Daisy Chapman – Happy New Year
Rudimental – Home
The Band Of The Eye – Beatnik Acoustics
Anna Kendrick – The Cup Song
Roger Tarry – Little Bird
Richard Burley – The Winter Gardens
The Honeyfire – Underwater
Fang – You’re The One That I Want
Amadou Diagne – Suma Dom
The Carrivick Sisters – The Highwayman
Sam Evans ft Blackout Ja – Choices
Short & Sweet – Radio Digity *performed live*
Manos Puestas – So Danco Samba
2nd Hour
Short & Sweet – The Police *performed live*
Short & sweet – Counting Stars *performed live*
Short & sweet – Big Bad Wolf *performed live*
Mankala – One For The Road
Dan Croll – From Nowhere
Paolo Nutini – Scream (Funk Up My Life)
Jessie Ware – Tough Love
Poppy Perezz – Zicatela
Tricky Meets South Rakkas Crew – Bacative
Cindy Stratton – Hummingbird
Bashema – Puppet Show
Robin Allender – Winter
The Weary Band – I’m Green As Well
Spiro – The Iron Way


Jelli Records Music Show 22 December 2014

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Goldfrapp – Ooh La la
Paul Butler – Christmas Again
Three Blind Moose – Call  The Man
Helen Sewell – Time  Is Ticking
Annie Stubbs – Fire *performed live*
Annie  Stubbs – Pretty Eyes *performed live*
Marvin Gaye – I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Laid Blak – Cool Dude
Annie Stubbs – News At Ten *performed live*
Annie Stubbs – Notes To Ed *performed live*
Ethemia – This Christmas Time
Gonga – Sandstorm
2nd Hour
The Honeyfire – Noah
Joe Cocker – With A Little Help From My Friends
Alison Hustwitt – To Be A Bee
Aaron Douglas – Shipwrecks
Guy Malkerson – So Long it’s Been Good To Know Ya
Stackridge – North St. Grande
Lazibyrd – I’m Alright Jack
Forsaken – Hypnotised
Rod Stewart – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Gabrielle Aplin – Panic Chord
Carmina – December Song
Clumsy – Slowly Slowly
The George Mabuza Group – Pudding


Jelli Records Music Show 15 December 2014

Listen again to the show

Jodie Stadden – The Cup Song
Ben Howard – Only Love
Zoe Wren – Eurydice (Latin Arrangement)
Elliott Junior – Heartbreaker
Bashema – Go With The Flow
Mia & Tuesday – Transparent Disguise *performed live*
Mia & Tuesday – I Can’t Hear The Melody *performed live*
Roving Crows – Journeyman’s Blues
Acquiesce – Hot n Cold
Mia & Tuesday – One Day *performed live*
Mia & Tuesday – Wall Of Sound *performed live*
Dolly Parton – Blue Smoke
Southsection – Move
2nd Hour
Entangled Band – The Light
Mat Lingraad – Wings Of Sorrow
The Portraits ft Ethemia, Minnie Birch & 2,000 Friends – The Rest of Time
Dave Wright – Who’s Kissing My Baby At Christmas
Louise Jordan – Bushes And Briars
The Sea Kings – Rain Rain
Max Wolfe – Breaking The Law
Appalachia – Dark Hollow
The Wurzels – I Wish it Could Be Christmas Everyday
The Tuts – All Too Late
Ed Sheeran – Sing
Yes Sir Boss – Buy It Up
Hodmaddery – Ride On
Bashema – Liberty


Jelli Records Music Show 8 December 2014.

Ian Mclagan & The Bump Band – You’re My Girl
David 9 Lunas – All The Way Home
Makala Cheung – Empty Pocket
Ancient Addicts – Telepathy
Tez Skachill – If I Question
LD Bundy – Humbug Christmas
Georgie Fame – Yea Yea Yea
Lo-Fang – You’re The one That I Want
The Honeyfire – Dreams *performed live*
Helena – Shine
The Honeyfire – Blind Eye *performed live*
Mekanika – Dumb Robot Pilot
2nd Hour
Whatflag – Maurice
The Honeyfire – Roadsigns  *performed live*
The Honeyfire – Noah  *performed live*
Meet Your Feet – Bristol People
Gravenhurst – She Dances
Jodie Stadden – We Will Show Them
Martin Morris – The Best Christmas
The Smoke – High In a Room
SuperHeavy – Miracle Worker
Burgess And Slide – Bill Richmond
Strung – A Good Bloke

Jelli Records Music Show 1 December 2014.

The Mangledwurzels – I Am A Cider Drinker
The Croutons – I Suggest
Ilona – Christmas Magic
Meet Your Feet – Bristol People
Cathy Judge – Don’t Let Go
The Feminists – Serpentine
Les Payne – It’s Nearly Christmas
Brian Inglis – Rendevouz Café *performed live*
Brian Inglis – Crazy Day *performed live
Sheelanagig – Muddy Thighs
 2nd Hour
Foreign Affairs – Pretty Girl
James Fussell And The North Street Band – By Your Side
Brian Inglis – Simple Man *performed live*
Brian Inglis – Love Will Keep Us *performed live*
The Honeyfire – Dreams
Jamie Cullen – Get Your Way
Dean Read’s Dead – Lucky Nuggets
Chico Holton – Tonight
Dan Ratchet – Girl You Want My Love
Mireille Mathlener – Never Mean’t To be Friends
John Paul Gard – Boomtown


Jelli Records Music Show 24 November 2014.

Lori Campbell played live in this show


Playlist for the show

Bellowhead – New York Girls
Citizen Kane – Ps I Don’t Love You
John D Revalator – Union Girl
Ilona – Christmas Magic
Meet Your Feet – Pushin’
Acquiesce – Next Weeks Rent
Charlie Dore – Things Change
The Honeyfire – Road Signs
Joan Armatrading – Love Love Love
Lori Campbell – Dark Waters *performed live*
Lori Campbell – Johnny Malone *performed live*
Manos Puestas – So Danco Samba
2nd Hour
Jane Taylor – I Will Get There
Lori Campbell – September *performed live*
Lori Campbell – Smoke *performed live*
The Undercover Hippy – Coming To Gambia
Patrick Duff – Henry James
Ani Difranco – See See See
Lori Campbell – Solid Ground *performed live*
The Honeyfire – Dreams
Ian Lord – Shadows In The East


Playlist for the Jelli Records Music Show 17 November 2014.

Ashdown Roadhouse Band – The Man In The Valley
Heg & The Wolf Chorus – Three Sailors
Susan Farrar – Cheek To Cheek
Big Dee ft Elliott & Jibsta – Conspiracy
Jon Maybey – Peggy
Cindy Stratton – Cup Of Good Will *performed live*
Cindy Stratton – Hummingbird *performed live*
Nicola Benedetti – My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose
Cindy Stratton- Wild One *performed live*
Cindy Stratton – Burning Babe *performed live*
Mankala – Sisi
Tallulah Rendall – Pieces
2nd Hour
Saskia Maxwell – Better Woman
Saskia Maxwell – To Your Rescue
Jodie Stadden – What’s Your Name Again *performed live*
Jodie Stadden – Compulsive Liar
Jodie Stadden -We Will Show Them *performed live*
Jodie Stadden – The Cup Song *performed live*
Moulettes – Constellations
Richard Burley – Everlasting Shame
Fleetwood Mac – Dreams
Sheldon King – The Water Will Remain Clear
Meg Myers – Make A Shadow



Jelli Records Music Show 10th November
We were joined in the studio by Sophie Curtis who chatted and performed live.

The Fable – Passchendaele
Stackridge – Beside The Sea
Protest Crayon – A War Shuffle
Morales Watts – I’d Like To tell You Something
Sistera of Swing – It Don’t mean a Thing
Sophie Curtis -Don’t Go *performed live*
Sophie Curtis – Bullets *performed live*
Keith Hyett – Reflections
Sophie Curtis – Stepping Stones *performed live*
Sophie Curtis – Wish You Were Here *performed live*
Bellowhead – Cross-Eyed And Chinless
Darren Hodge – Superstition
2nd Hour
Poundshop Life – Man In A Suitcase
Bashema – Puppet Show
Cecile – Topped & Tailed
Darren Hodge – Czardas
The Weary Band – I’m Green As Well
Lund Quartet – Marula
Rabbitfoot Capers – Living On Brandon’s Hill
Susannah Lea – RSVP
Nick Church – Bad Attitude
Belshazzar’s Feast – Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day
Dymphna – Chalk It Up To Experience
Baraka – Chaminuka Mambo
Baraka – Le Pe


Jelli Records Music Show 3rd November

We were joined in the studio by Lewis Creaven who chatted and performed live.

Listen again to the show

Tonight we played,

Part 1

Acker Bilk – Stranger On The Shore

Show of Hands – Country Life

Jacanda – Ashes

Cara Dillon – Johnny, Lovely Johnny

Lewis Creaven – Once In a While *performed live*

Lewis Creaven – Here Today *performed live*

Get The Blessing – Antelope

Lewis Creaven – Tony McBride *performed live*

Lewis Creaven – Free Love *performed live*

Mozart – Die Zauberflote

Jim Blomfield Trio – Sail

Bashema – Liberty

Part 2

Meet Your Feet – World Party

Rob Beresford – Picking Up The Pieces

Bethany Porter – Face

Richard Riley – Kissing Doesn’t Count

Keith Christmas – Heart, Soul, Body And Mind

Angel Tech – Polaroid

Ros Cuthbert – Happy Go larry

RSVP – English Beat

Jim Blomfield Trio – Pier Pressure

Natalie Holmes – Fireman

The Breathers – Singing Machine

Acker Bilk

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Jelli Records Music Show 27th October

 Tonight we were joined by Darren Hodge.

Part 1
The Honeyfire – Noah
Kara J Richards – The Devils Number
Owl In The Sun – What Goes Around
Steve Hogg – Lark Descending
Black Roots – Confusion
Rodrigo Y Gabriela – Hora Zero
Darren Hodge – The Man’s Hands *Live*
Darren Hodge – Drive by Incubus *Live*
The Acker Bilk & Cuff Billett Vintage Five – Beale Street Blues
Darren Hodge – Avalon *Live*
Darren Hodge – Cannonball Rag *Live*
Joker – Milky Way
Part 2
Minor Works Unit – Wrong Shop
The B Naturals – Staying Alive
Circe’s Diner – Let’s Go Sailing
David 9 Lunas – All The Way Home
Dave Betts Quintet – Jay Walk
Dear Light – End Of An Error
Ilona – Back To You
Rabbitfoot Capers – Every Day Is A Carnival
The Inexplicables – Sickamore Tree
Rainy And The Dust – Look Up
Three Kings High – Nothing Left To Lose
Next week we’ll have Lewis Creaven performing live.