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Jelli Records Water Bottle

 Here at Jelli Records we are very conscious of the damage being done to wildlife in particular marine life by plastic. So to do our bit we are selling our recycled plastic water bottles which can be used over and over again thereby helping in some small way to reduce the plastic waste footprint.

These retail at just £4 with £1 going to the Guide Dogs.








Bashema has released her double single ‘Tell Her/Sing’.

This is a limited edition at just £3.








 Want to take a little bit of Bashema away with you then this handy bag will act as a reminder at just £5. Where better than to carry your Jelli Records water bottle.










 Isabella Alford’s critically acclaimed debut EP just £5











 This six track EP from Brian Inglis shows yet another side of his songwriting, concentrating largely on modern country music. To order a copy just click on the picture to take you to our Music Glue Shop. 








 This is Brian’s second album released in February 2018 containing twelve new tracks just £7.50p.