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Jelli Records started life within the music industry and is therefore well placed to provide support on many disciplines of the business. We have found through our own experience that it is very rarely that musicians will get advice or help regarding their career in the music business from fellow musicians unless they are at college studying a Music / Music technology course or are a member of the Musicians’ Union or similar organisation.

Jelli Records has recognised this short coming and provides a consultancy service to Colleges and places of Further and Higher Education. Their visiting lecturer, Brian Inglis, can impart first hand experience and knowledge of working in the music business both as a musician and Agent / Manager and Musicians’ Union representative so that students and individuals can get information “straight from the horses mouth” so to speak.

Presentations & Workshops

Our presentations last approximately one hour and our workshops about half a day covering such topics as:

      *Starting Out*

      *Taking Care of YOUR Music Business*

      *Marketing YOU and your Material*

      *Professionalism, Performance and Presentation*

      *Band Partnerships*

      *Getting Signed*

      *Hints & Tips*

Download our workshops prospectus HERE

All of the Presentations and Workshops are designed to be simple to understand yet give the individual the tools to help them in the music business. 

This is what previous attendees have said about our workshops –

“There is so much to consider and it is all just as important as actually playing.”

 “Wow, it was like having three years worth of college work compressed into four hours, fantastic value for money!”

“They just don’t teach you this stuff at college”

“The workshop gave me clear direction of the objectives I need to follow and the methods to achieve them thanks!

“The workshop was really helpful for me. It provided many insights and had focused my thinking on what the actions are I need to complete to help market my music effectively. Thank you very much.”

If you would like to attend any one of these workshops, please let us know and we will place your name on awaiting list. Alternatively go to our Contact Page and sign up to our mailing list and be the first to hear about these workshops.

Come and talk to us and find out what WE can do for YOU!

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