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Ruby Two Shoes

Genre:  Smooth jazz and swing with hints of blues and folk.

Description: 3 – 5 piece

Availability:  Cabaret, Clubs, Parties, Weddings, Corporate Functions, Cabaret,
Concerts, Festivals.


“Ruby Two Shoes” are Tara Baggott, Ella Polczyk-Przybyla and Ryan Walker, they are
an acoustic 3-5 piece band bringing audiences smooth jazz and swinging tunes
with splashes of blues and folk thrown in the mix. Tara Baggott, Ella Polczyk-Przybyla 
and Ryan Walker have collaborated and collected a number of chilled and cheeky
tunes to entertain all types of audiences.  We also have the option of adding bass and/or drums depending on what sort of mood and sound an event requires. The band like to mix things up a bit with a wide variety of different styles to suit just about any taste in music! So if you are looking for fun then Ruby Two Shoes is your act.

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