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Maaike Siegerist

Maaike Siegerist is a Dutch singer-songwriter with a beautiful, clear voice, who writes songs with evocative lyrics and colourful jazz chords on her nylon string guitar.


Maaike is originally from the shipbuilding city of Schiedam in the Netherlands. Her guitar teacher was an older gentleman who ignored Wonderwall and introduced her to classic jazz instead. She started listening to singers like Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra - influences that have left a mark on her songwriting.


Inspired by a songwriting retreat in Scotland in 2013, Maaike decided to move to the UK to pursue music. She studied songwriting at Bath Spa University, and lived and performed in South West England and London. She won two songwriting awards, from Glastonbury FM and UWE Bristol, before moving to Glasgow in 2022.


Maaike has released two self-produced albums: Born Before the Wind and Little Dutch Songbook. Songs from both albums were picked for airplay on BBC 6 Music. Tom Robinson praised her song Keep It in the Dark for its “delicate vocal, poised production, gorgeous chord changes.” BBC Bristol chose the track Ella & Louis as a ‘Big New Sound'.

Dora Lachaise


Under her alter ego Dora Lachaise, Maaike creates dark, otherworldly music, often with electronic elements. Solo singles and tracks from her EP with Jonni Slater, Weather Balloons, have been played on BBC Radio Scotland.

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