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What We Do

Jelli Records is made up of an experienced team of music industry experts, with years of experience providing various services. 

Artist Support

Providing opportunities for up and coming artists in order to help them grow. See sub-paragraph below -

      Artist Management / Representation

        First of all, be aware Jelli Records is a support company, that means exactly what it says, we will help             where we can. This informal relationship could lead to a more formal one. Unfortunately we do not               work with rock/punk or heavy metal artists.

        Secondly, ask yourself are you or your band going anywhere? By that we mean going upwards getting a         good fan base, or have you hit that glass ceiling and feel that you need that extra support? Most artists         that approach us are nowhere near that point, so think carefully if you really do need representation or         is it ‘nice to have’. Also be aware that many of the things you expect of representation or management         you can do for FREE and it won’t take up much of your time and if you can’t find the time to dedicate to         marketing yourself are you really serious about the music business?

        If you are going to approach us or any other management company, then be clear about what it is that           you require or are looking for. 

        You will also need to provide an Electronic Press Kit comprising of the following -

         - Introductory Letter – usually your email

         - Photo

         - Biog

         - CD / link to your music.

         - Link to any videos or showreels

         - Reviews

      Follow these simple guidelines and you won’t waste anyone’s time including your own. If you need any         assistance on how to set up an EPK or Marketing etc. Visit our  Consultancy page

Stage Management

Including programming stages at major festivals across the South-West, such as Redfest, Bristol Harbour Festival, Bristol Balloon Fiesta and Kenysham Music Festival.

Music Events

Providing entertainment for all your events with a host of quality bands to choose from.

Open Mic Nights and Songwriter Evenings

All music genres and experience levels are welcome to our open mic nights on various evenings of the month from  Clevedon to The Bristol Fringe in Clifton.  Check our Gigs page for more information.

Radio Shows

Jelli Records hosts The Jelli Hours radio show every week more information at Facebook


With decades of experience in the music industry to draw from, we provide workshops on a whole host of music industry related topics. 

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