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Genre: Blues

Description: Original and covers Blues

Availability: Concerts, and Festivals


“Elles Bailey who hails from fabulously musical city of Bristol in the UK has been playing keyboard, song writing, recording and performing for the last nine years. She has fronted well-known Indie bands supporting artists such as The Sugababes, The Twang, Scouting for Girls and other similar acts but Elles decided to take the solo route in late 2012.

Elles’ voice has been described as the love child of Etta James and Janice Joplin. Its unique husky tone that sounds like she drinks Jack Daniels from the bottle and smokes 60 a day was caused by a serious illness when she was three and her throat almost closed up. To save her life the surgeons had to place a tube in her throat for seventeen days to allow her to breathe, affecting her voice giving it a real bluesy tone that is getting her recognition wherever she plays.

She has worked with top producers over the years and is currently working on her new album which has bluesy flavour, produced and co written by Brian Banks who worked with Michael Jackson on his Thriller album. One of her songs has just been used for a major advertising campaign in the USA and her music has been featured on radio in Europe and the UK.

Now Elles and her band of really talented musicians are making exciting waves across the South West Music Scene and creating a buzz that you shouldn’t miss out on.”

Elles Bailey

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