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Genre: Jazz Funk

Description: 7 Piece Band. “Jackson combines moody singer-songwriter
lyricism with the psychedelic funk of a 7 piece outfit. Sitting somewhere
between Jamiroquai, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and Sun Ra, this
band brings heaps of creativity and virtuosity” – Jazz + Promotions

Availability: Festivals, Concerts, Pubs, Clubs, Private Events



Jackson is a seven piece Jazz-Funk project producing fresh new jazz funk material. All the songs are written by Jack Baldus (Keys). The band features 5-time UK DMC Champion DJ Asian Hawk who sings and scratches simultaneously – He is the first and only person to currently to do this.

The band also consists of guitar, bass, drums, a live horn section (including Gary Alesbrook on trumpet – Kasabian) and Jack Baldus on keyboards, vocals and talkbox.


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